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Please read parts one and two. drift to sleep Cynthia Parker- Knowles, her hand between her legs stroking her pussy, happy, contented and well fucked. Jaw ached, her pussy was wet and raw, her asshole still open tender y. , but what a night, never seen anything like it, but definitely do it again bat9 the opportunity, probably forcing Sir Charles once more given. The sight of 15 men entered the room, taking off and be there for them to look was great, some limp penises, some semi -rigid, others standing like a flagpole already. Her thoughts frightened her, but leave at the same time, it was the way it 's going to put 15 roosters? That the shackles were removed, which stood on a table, arms and legs were held, pulled his legs apart to the extent that almost split her pussy and ass. He felt a cock in her pussy, and then make their way inside, hard and powerful, then begin to pick up speed, pumping in aNo, that his head over the edge of the table, opened her mouth a cock slid and began to fuck her mouth. She turned in joy, hammered at both ends. His hands moved quickly and did not get a cock in each hand, began to masturbate slowly stop, and once again feel his balls and run your fingers over the grooves ooze, savoring the feeling of his precum. He was in the beginning to the climax, grabbed her bat9 pussy on her tail as if to milk, and she felt the waves of pleasure on it. 's cock from her mouth was removed and replaced with one that had pull, another cock was placed on the free hand it to them, he stood ready to shit, shit mouth, gagged could rarely lift his head to his throat to breathe clearly. The pounding of her pussy faster and stronger, a voice from somewhere : 'Do not forget, guys, no cumin, according to theed time they want to enjoy everything this bitch. ' The cock slipped from her pussy with his dick in his hand and pulled off the cock withdrew from her mouth. was for four of them, taken one at each corner and held in the center of the room, which was reduced to a tail erect, one knelt before her and began to fuck her mouth again, his hands bat9 groping her breasts and nipples, and remained not very friendly, the face, which were bat9 crushed in the way to her nipples and pulled, but the pain soon became pleasure. When she resisted up and down in the key from under her, her place is quiet and felt another cock thrust her ass at once made ​​his way deep in the ass, she gasped as they entered, which was huge, must have been her ass stretch this amount. Well, going to fuck in all three holes, three were bat9 hitting inside and out, hard, fast, as if trying to persuade to ask them to stop, admit that he could not follow. they were in shock, SHand insisted that was all I could give him, as if proving a point started to cum loudly complained, kicking, cock in her mouth was gagged sticky saliva running from her mouth bat9 and dripped from his chin, arched and gasped and wine, I could feel like I was thrown out every time you cum penis pussy back. The three cocks fuck stopped, still had her hands, she reflected on what they have in mind now, did not take long to realize that. She glanced back, there were two men now in their rear, one on his knees with his cock in the ass, the other is at an angle to it. She watched as he put his cock in her ass, she moved to the tail thrust of his hole, and slowly slid side by side, began involuntarily exclaimed, his eyes began to water and two cocks shit. This was the first, who had never been twice in her ass, her mouth and pussy penetrated yes, but not her ass. that felt, like you're going to split wide open, as all three cocks fuck it. The pain was pure pleasure, fucking three cocks slowly. She stretched out her arms and wanted a cock in each, they wanted to meet for six valves. Occasionally the three valves were removed, was up impaled on a hard cock and the other two of whom had been sucking and masturbating took his place in the ass. Not a drop of sperm as a failed attempt to suck, lick, could deep throat, straw, they are not able to bat9 obtain an age for the injection, there was to drink plenty of pre-cum, but what they do for most appeared never wanted. The same voice called as before: ' Ok guys, it's time for the bribe,' The two cocks out of her ass, she got up from the bottom and had moved to the mouth, flat on the coffee table, his legs were lifted, legs spread wide and pulled her cunt to the edge of the table. A cock slippedwell lubricated in her pussy and another in her mouth, she eagerly, hoping that bat9 they produce can taste the sweet nectar pushed shit. A few minutes, she bat9 felt the swollen cock in her pussy, pumping faster, he suddenly felt a jet of hot cum inside her, she immediately began to spread itself, and the feeling that the sauce, heat pumps than just send them over the top is bubbly and cum could feel the joy was so great. The rooster was removed by suction had worked to be replaced, and began to slip and her dripping cunt. Another cock slid into her mouth and began to fuck. Also in a few minutes the man he was fucking hard, pump your hard cock deep inside her pussy break well-oiled, but again was replaced by whom he had worked for suction. This time they had just filled her pussy wine in his bat9 face, still dripping cum, she sucked his cock into her mouth and drank it his remaining cum, squeezed his balls, running her hand firmly on its axis, where much of the juice as bat9 he could, sent the taste of his semen in another thrilling climax. bat9 The third arrived within minutes, she could feel her pussy swimming sperm in which a cock pump in and out of silence, and the same happens again, a cock and immediately replaced it was the rooster the only help he had given suck to fill. The taste was fantastic in its tail, different flavor milk, pussy juices and his own semen, all mixed up. However, the devil is behind them, her pussy full of magic more and more, then he has released the remains of his semen after she had sprinkled Cynthia count the times I had lost each peak was more intense than the previous she resisted, caught it, she writhed and moaned as she began to mourn. This is for what seemed like hours, air sex, pure sex smell of sweat mixed with a little of each 15 hThey all met, some perhaps more than once her pussy was so loose and sloppy now, looked up and the man who had stood with drops of semen taken from the tip of the tail on the right hand holding a glass of wine great. As the shit one came, he pulled back and knelt down with the cup between her legs, feeling the cold glass of the inside of his thighs warm, which may contain mixtures of milk oozing out of feeling, a voice whispered ear 'push, force, can semen, push, push, drain yourself. ' Cynthia closed her eyes, she removed the muscles of the stomach and pulled the sperm, according to media pressure, you could feel it seemed cum gallons expires. opened his eyes, the 15 men were standing around his head, a celebration of the cup was nearly full of creamy white cum and pussy juice. A bat9 tight nose, two hands of the jaw, forcing his mouth open, and glass tilts in the mouth, slowly pour the semen of crystalsThe mouth, choked and spat a few times when he slipped throat cum, she could not swallow fast enough and coughed sperm flew over his chin and dripped onto her breasts as she swallows the semen was a feeling that started to flow into her breasts and her body arched and his body was carried by the largest peak, bat9 which have ever had, I could feel that spring, as if to pee. A finger was removing the last drop of cum from the cup he drank eagerly. The man took his clothes and left the room. Cynthia literally ran into the bedroom, got into bed and began to fall into a happy dream, his fingers still playing with pussy cum bat9 soaked. Cynthia relived that night many times in his dreams. She stirred in his sleep, he felt something soft and wet in the neck. ????????????????? more
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